Take Your First Road Trip

Starting September 2014:

Excited you dropped by to learn more about taking your first road trip to freedom!

So, what can you expect? This course will bring about many changes, including your own observation of your life as it is now, as well as providing you tools, techniques, and worksheets to arouse new insights that will bring you closer to your dream of freedom.

First Road Trip


There are many types of road trips. This road trip is very special since this is all about you. It is an experiential internal road trip. It will bring you the type of freedom you never dreamed you could have. This course will have you review your rules of the road, have you decide which places you want to visit based on your intention for this course, and prepare you to achieve your results with tools and techniques. The end result will be integrating your insights.



This is a 3 module online course taking a minimum of 5 weeks to allow for integration. You will encounter excitement, anxiety, anguish, frustration, happiness and many more emotions during this course. Actually these emotions have started just by your taking interest in moving to freedom in your life.

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