You are a Composite Picture

You are a Composite Picture

Do you have events in your life that you wish never happened? If you could rewind and just make another choice, and yet every choice and every event makes you who you are.


image courtesy of Living Life in PA


When you look back upon your life, you see a life of events,people, and places. On your path to becoming who you desire to be, there are many paths. These paths all lead to one end. Each path is full of its own trials and errors. In any path, you have learned as much in failure as in success.


Without all the events in your life, you wouldn’t be who you are today. Trying to remove any consciousness of events is removing a piece of yourself. Letting go of any reaction to an event, person or place while integrating the inherent knowledge gained from the event is the sweet spot. Once you can do this for all events in your life, your life becomes fuller and you now have a better understanding of life itself. You find forgiveness, gratitude and joy in the same journey.




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