Winter Magic

Winter Magic

Arianrhod Matted Wall ArtThere is magic at nightfall in winter. Sometimes I’ll stand in my doorway, wrapped in my favorite warm shawl, and look out into the white and blue-black stillness. The night air is crisp and cold. The shadowed snow muffles the fall of an icicle from my frozen roof. I can hear the light crackle of more falling ice as a light, chill wind tugs bare tree branches nearby. These soft, wintry sounds call my spirit forward, whispering messages of tranquil mystery to my heart.

It is too cold to stay for long. Soon I return to my warm kitchen for a fresh cup of steaming tea, feeling blessed by my brief wintry interlude and still crackling with night’s magic energy – like static electricity running through my skin. I treasure these moments of spiritual connection with the Universe. It reminds me that everything is as it should be.

This is a time of year when people rush around to find the perfect gift for loved ones, but sometimes the best gift is a simple sharing of mystical moments like this one. Here at Quintessence Creations, we offer items to encourage such connective sharing. An inspirational print or aromatic candles can bring tranquil mystery into your home, like a touchstone to bring you into the magic whenever the need arises. We offer gift certificates, too, so your friends and family can choose whatever calls to them, be it inspirations of winter nightfall or spring butterflies. There is something for everyone.

Stay in the magic,

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