When Wishing Makes It So

When Wishing Makes It So

Angel Trinket Box-Heaven's GiftThere’s a whole lot of wishing going on this time of year. Wishes for new bikes, the latest gadget, or even to not be picked for washing the dishes after the big family holiday meal.  As a kid with plenty of wishes myself, I often heard the phrase – “Ah, well, if only wishing made it so.” That’s the grown-ups’ way of reminding kids they have to work for what they want. As true as that is, I have learned that, when it is important enough, wishing sometimes can, in fact, make it so.

When a person makes a wish, she is sending a message to the Universe. That message is energy, pure light, traveling farther than we can imagine. The stronger the wish, the farther it travels, and before long, it comes back to you.  That cyclical process of sending and returning energy is how a wish can manifest into something real. But be careful – the Universe will return to you whatever it is you send out.

I know a woman who had fallen on tough times, had lost touch with her family, was a single mom, and lived in an area where there was very little public transportation. She wished and wished that she didn’t have to use her broken down old car.  She focused her energy on how bad that car was, how unsafe and unreliable, and before long it broke down completely. She was sending that negative energy out into the Universe, and it kept returning to her.

One day, she met a wise woman who told her that she had been unconsciously wishing for a broken car. She had allowed her fear-energy to be her message to the Universe. From that day forward, the mom flipped her wish to something positive. She began to wish for reliable transportation, visioning herself arriving on time to work and safely getting her daughter to and from childcare. She wrote her wishes down, solidifying them, sending each one with a mental picture of herself and her daughter smiling as they got in and out of a vehicle. Thirty days later, a sister she hadn’t heard from in two years called out of the blue to say she had a feeling that the single mom needed a car, and bought her one.

True story. If it is important enough to you, the Universe will hear and return your wish. Make it positive. Strengthen it by visioning and writing it down on little bits of a paper. Treasure your wish in a trinket box. Read it every day. Feel the wish as if it were already true. Before long, it just might be.

I wish you may, I wish you might, have all the wishes you wish tonight.


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