Ways to reduce flooding

Ways to reduce flooding

It’s spring and flooding is in the news. It’s been there for awhile, but now for most parts of the US, is time for rainfall.So how do we capture this immediate rain for future use, and reduce the amount of “water loss. A  rain garden

Rain Garden from Greenscapes.org


Say what? Yes a rain garden is a garden that absorbs quick flood waters and also  handles dry times. In North Carolina, they removed 4 parking places and put in a rain garden, and it reduced the water going into the sewers by 80%. WOW! Such a small investment, and a beautiful investment, and such quick results. I’m curious why other communities are not implementing this minimal cost saving effort.


Another area to put in a rain garden is wherever water settles in your yard when the flood rains come.

Some benefits of putting in a rain garden are:

  • attractive alternative to lawns
  • less maintenance
  • reduce water running into storm sewers

To learn more about rain gardens, here are a few resources.






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