Waiting for your time

Waiting for your time

There are times your dreams are waiting for the right time for the universe to provide. So what do you do in the meantime? You improve upon what you are doing, you let go of what you don’t want to take with you.

While I’m waiting for the universe to allow me to move into a new home, I asked myself what can I continue to learn from my current home. I can improve my gardening skills which will improve my current home and provide me fewer lessons to learn in my new home. Here is what I’m learning at this time.

  1. Propagation.  There are quite a few ways to propagate plants, shrubs and trees. I’m pretty well an expert on plant propagation using methods of seed planting, dividing, taking cuttings. Shrubs and trees are what I’m working on now.  I have created new plants by using layering.    This approach is the simplest, since it keeps the shrub attached while getting new roots. You simply take a branch and bend it to touch the ground. Cover it with soil and hold the branch in place with a u-shaped tack or a brick. Once the roots are strong, cut the branch at the roots from the mother plant, and transplant it. I have not tried grafting trees. I will try this with my birth tree this fall.
  2. Soil Improvement.  Some of the more common methods used to improve your soil is to add compost, either store bought or home made. An additional approach is used to improve soil as well as ensure that no weeds take root over winter. Planting oat and red clover and then turning it over into the soil is highly recommended. I will try this approach in the fall, after my vegetables are harvested.
  3. Creating Homemade Compost. I created my first batch of compost last year. It took 2 years, since I had not learned the appropriate mix of ingredients to heat up the pile to make compost. What I’ve learned tho is that one compost bin is not enough. You need to have a pile that is heating to make compost which needs to remain undisturbed for a few weeks. This then brings up the question as to where do you now put your ingredients? I’ve realized I need two compost bins, or I can create a hole in the ground and start a compost pile in the earth. Just make sure you secure it while you are still adding, so the animals don’t make a mess.







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