Universal Letter Writing Week

Universal Letter Writing Week

Handwritten Letter   Universal Letter Writing week is Jan 8-14. This got me to thinking about the last time I wrote a letter. Not an email. A letter.

My sister writes a letter each Christmas and includes the letter in her gifts. She shares her joys and sorrows from the year, as well as a little but if humor to help life go smoother.


I also have a few relatives in other countries that write a letter for the holidays. I  remember having conversations with them as you read their words. I remember the places we visited together.

Now, for those of us whose fingers and hands don’t work as well as they used to (and I’m one of them), you can still type your letter. For there is nothing worse than getting a letter and not being able to read it. And believe me, I’ve had quite a few letters that I struggled reading. And my dad has trouble reading my writing.

So, for this week, write a letter. To someone you’ve been meaning to get in touch with. To someone who you just want to say I love you. To someone who would be happy with just a few words from you to know that you are thinking of them.


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