Unique Ways of Giving

Unique Ways of Giving

Giving is a way to express your love for what is dear to you. Giving can be expressed as a physical gift or in some type of service. Here are a few unique ways people have found to give.

In North Carolina and Georgia and a few other states, Crop Mobs are helping  local farmers with whatever they need, planting, weeding, harvesting.

Or do you know of a friend or neighbor who is struggling? Do you want to help them. Provide anonymous donations through this non-profit organization called Giving Anonymously,  facilitating generosity between people.

The Gift of Giving. A different approach to giving a gift for graduation, anniversary or any event.  Instead of buying a gift for the person, you purchase a charity gift card which allows the received to pick their heart-felt charity, and the donation will be made in their name.


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