Understanding your Paradigms

Understanding your Paradigms

Have you ever tried to provide your viewpoint only to be shot down stating that it could never be true? Or have you ever tried explaining to a doctor about homeopathy or natural remedy cures and they ignore you?


It’s interesting watching reactions to discussions about something that is totally new to a person. Sometimes the thought is just too foreign to the paradigm we live by. Other times it’s an interesting thought to consider, but don’t know we really buy into it.


Courtesy of Innovation for Growth


A Paradigm is typically a  worldview underlying the theories and methodology of a particular  subject.Science, religion, even gardening have their own paradigms. And let’s not talk about politics. Ever been in a discussion about gardening and someone has such a strong belief in one way of doing something that they won’t even let you talk about a different way?


Paradigms provide us comfort that things should go this way. Not sure any of us could live without paradigms. Just watch the way you react to viewpoints that seem new or bizarre to you, and relook at your paradigm to see if it still holds true for you, or is it time for a new one!



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