Top 5 Reasons Why Youd Want a Small Pet

Top 5 Reasons Why Youd Want a Small Pet

small petsSeen any of the celebrities toting a Shih Tzu or a Maltese lately? It seems the fad nowadays is to own these small pets. Well, who would not like to own one, really? They are just the cutest and simply adorable that am sure even the not-so-softies such as your self will eventually succumb to the lure of owning one pretty soon. If you are having second thoughts, here are a few points to ponder that just might help you change your mind:

1. They are quite handy – Compared to the bigger breeds like the ever famous Lab and Saint Bernard, these small pets are rather handy and they can easily fit into a cute little sling bag which you can carry around while strolling in the mall or out in the park, one lazy hot afternoon. And if you become too attached you can easily tag-along Crookshanks in your out-of-town trips by carrying his doggie bag in your lap or placing it under the plane seat.

2. The little animals are ideal for families with little childrenWith these small pets you can say goodbye to the danger of them accidentally trampling over your 2-year old toddler. You can let the dog play with your kiddo less the worry. Just make sure the doggie has updated vaccines and is trained and used to a little rough-housing from your little man. They will become best buddies in no time, bet on that!

3. These little cuteys are just right for small spaces – Of course, simple common sense dictates that a bigger pet would simply require a bigger space to run around otherwise it will get really bored and lonely. That is why, a small pet is really ideal for all of us urban dwellers with little room and space to spare. I am sure your little dog will find your otherwise cramped living room a vast territory to explore, plus he will probably be delighted to run around your tiny backyard to catch some much-needed fresh air.

4. As their size suggests they also require small amount of maintenance – Meaning you don’t have to exert much effort trying to haul a big dog just so you can give him a bath in the shower, you can accomplish the same task with minimal effort with little dogs. Bathing them will be a breeze, same goes with feeding and grooming them. Of course, if you would love to pamper your little friend like royalty, it might involve quite an effort from you to shell out big amounts of money in order to do so!

5. They are quite fashionable accessoriesNot to encourage protests from animal lovers or anything, since getting pets for the sole purpose of making a rather good fashion statement is still highly not recommended, these tiny pets can be a quick way to liven up your otherwise dull get up. And if you are the type who clamors for attention, you might try dressing up in coordinates. It will be a surefire way to get yourself, and your dog, noticed!


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