The Power of Color and Inspirational Wall Decor to Set Positive Vibes

The Power of Color and Inspirational Wall Decor to Set Positive Vibes

Ever wondered why hues of blue and green are common wall colors in hospitals around the world? It’s not at all an interior design trend; countless studies have revealed that colors have their respective therapeutic effects on individuals. Color therapy has been around for a long time, but thanks to a growing awareness beyond the material, color therapy, along with other non-traditional therapies, are being given their due in the spotlight.

Colour Theraphy

An article by Sasha Gonzales on chromotherapy in the South China Morning Post suggests that color therapy has its roots as far back as Ancient Egypt, Greece, India and China.


“In ancient Egypt and Greece, rooms were painted in different colors to treat various ailments. The Egyptians even designed special healing sanctuaries that captured and split the sun’s rays into its component colors, creating therapy rooms bathed in light.


Color is also central to Ayurveda, a traditional Hindu system of medicine. It uses the energy thought to be inherent in colors to stimulate healing in the body’s energy centers, or chakras. Each chakra is associated with a color of the light spectrum, along with a function and organ or bodily system.”


How does this work – specifically for the homeowner who wants to use inspirational wall décor as a stepping stone towards wellness? Colors are considered one of the main languages of the soul. Exposure to the color or mere looking at it, or being surrounded by it, purportedly can influence mood and emotion, accordingly, just as looking at a clear blue, sky can uplift the mood of the viewer.


From an interior designer’s standpoint, colors are used to alter perception –either to make a room look larger, cleaner, and funkier, or making it feel cooler or warmer. Using color as a tool to inspire or set a mood can be as effective as using decorative accents for the home’s inspirational wall decoration that create an intended emotional atmosphere in the room.


An interior designer will use color as well to make ceilings look higher or lower, or a space to feel dynamic or calm. Warm colors like yellow, red or orange tend to pull a wall towards the eye, making a large room appear smaller and more compact. For a range of mood-setting inspirational décor and accents, check out your local home décor stores or browse through reputable online stores, such as Quintessence Creations.


(Source: Color Therapy: Hues that can Heal, Sasha Gonzales, January 6, 2014)