The Language of Emotions Book Review

The Language of Emotions Book Review

Have you ever wondered why it was OK to show certain emotions but not others? Did it make you feel like you had to “hide” your emotions?

The book “The Language of Emotions – what your feelings are trying to tell you” by Karla McLaren is the book for you. It explains the history of how our society got to where we are today, where showing all emotions is not acceptable. And the best part is a great guide advising what each emotion is trying to tell us and how to use each emotion for its intended purpose.

The author, Karla McLaren, provides you a “raft” to navigate your emotions. The skills she provides you with are simple to understand and simple to use. And what a powerful way to work through your emotions. I’ve worked through a sampling of my emotions using what I’ve learned in her book. For those emotions I struggle with, her explanation of what the emotion is intended for helps me to focus on getting answers instead of being overwhelmed by the emotion.

All things in nature run in cycles. The same is true for your emotions and your balance in life. The goal is not to stay in balance all the time. The goal is to know how to assess your balance and return to balance in the normal course of cycles. Which means, it is GOOD to have your emotions, all kinds of emotions. It is healing to have all the emotions. Since each one is an opportunity to move forward in life.

I have many years  in energy field, which has provided me a way to assess my own energy and to actually feel the energy in my body. When doing the “work” on anger described in this book, I can now complement my own healing work with a method of providing a space to listen to the emotion of anger. Typically, when I get angry, I can feel the energy squeezing on the upper part of my body, my head feeling hot. Working through the method on anger in this book, has now allowed me to move this anger energy away from my head and now provides me a space and strength to work thru the anger. It is so the most remarkable experience I’ve had with this emotion.

If your desire is to utilize and honor your emotions, then I highly suggest reading this book to gain the understanding and skills to move through your emotions the natural way it was intended for us.


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  1. Me July 22, 2010 at 8:27 PM #

    Emotions… I guess that is how you know you are living but it can really suck to have them sometimes. Not to mention when there is a nice jolt most of us women feel when we receive monthly vistors. Nothing like a good amplification of all the emotions.

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