Tears of Exhilaration

Tears of Exhilaration

 RoseGarden   I’m sitting on my deck in my backyard enjoying the cool breeze on a warm summer day. I watch the birds fly among the trees. A small red dragonfly visits me on the deck. A yellow butterfly flits among the flowers. The magnolias are in their second bloom this year. Various bushes are maturing.


I feel elated. It is beautiful. I created this. And then the realization hit me. . My dream came true. And then I started to cry.
I had been working to make my garden eco-friendly and organic. It’s been 3 years since I started this effort. I insisted on using the permaculture methods to create a sustainable garden. I needed to prove that I could make this work if I wanted to create more gardens. I needed this to be simple to maintain. And I did it. So why was I crying.
As the feeling of elation filled my body, my thoughts turned to the moments that it took to create this garden. I remembered the determination year after year to make this work. I remember the strength to work on my garden when every part of my body was aching.
So why was I tuning into these thoughts at my highest point of elation! It is a celebration of all efforts to get to this moment. Celebrate the struggle along with the end result. For it is in the struggle that we learn what we are made of.
So let the tears continue as I celebrate my moment of exhilaration.

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