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Chipmunk Energy


A chipmunk visits my backyard deck daily. I used to think the sound was a bird, but I just saw the chipmunk standing on the top rail of my deck, and leaning his neck forward and making his call. So I’ve been called to write about the chipmunks. Chipmunks are known for trust, inquisitive, fearless, […]

Eagle Spirit


Eagles are known for spirit, courage, shapeshifting, and freedom. They represent knowledge from above, a messenger carrying our prayers and gifts to the Creator. In ancient Greece, Zeus was identified with the eagle. In Gaelic lore, the eagle is associated with the sun. America adopted the bald eagle on their great seal. The eagle is […]

Cunning as a Fox


A fox as many characteristics, camouflage, ability to adapt,  cunning. Cunning in its true nature allows you to observe and keep silent. You camouflage yourself as you watch. And as you watch, you understand what will happen next, the many possibilities. As in all characteristics, they can be taken to the extreme, causing harm instead […]