Stationery Revival

Stationery Revival
PHOTOS: 10 Pieces Of Stationery That Will Inspire Handwritten NotesDespite the highly digitized world that we live in today, as a writer, and perhaps more importantly in the context of this article, an avid paper lover, I am happy to report that stationery is currently enjoying something of a revival. It seems that while emailing, texting, social networking and blogging most certainly have their place so to does a thoughtful ‘hello’ card sent through the post or the words saved forever in a hand-written journal.

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I still love to write letters. I’ll clear off the dining room table, turn off the ringer, light a candle, set up my favorite cup of tea, and choose some paper from my different boxes of stationery writing sets – something with an image that really speaks to me, or is meaningful to my letter’s recipient. Sounds like I’m setting up some quiet “me-time”, doesn’t it? I could simply dash off a note, I suppose, but if I’m going to do that, I may as well send an email. But, as an energy worker, I know that if I take the time to center myself before sitting to write, that the stationery will become anything but still. That ink becomes anything but frozen. In that quiet moment of letter-writing, all my love and memories and best wishes are transferred, like invisible white light, from my heart into that ink and onto that paper. And on the other end, the person receiving my letter will open it, touch it with a warm, human hand, experience the energy pouring from that vibrating paper, and feel instantly connected to me.  In peace and light, Nancy Rose Create your own connection with some of these lovely writing stationery sets. Order anytime between now and Oct  31st, with this code, SPNR1, and you’ll receive $5 off  your order of 2 or more. Happy writing!



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