Sharing life’s journey

Sharing life’s journey

Everyone’s journey is unique. And while they are unique, the understandings one learns from a journey can be inspirational to another person.

I have the wonderful gift of spending time with Sherilyn. She is a very down to earth and an insightful person. And one I’m glad to call a friend. I was unaware of her journey until she shared this book. It is a true gift to share her journey.

 “The Gift of a Rose” (ISBN: 1-4196-1204-2) by Sherilyn Alexander, is a journey in truth and of spiritual growth, brought about by a sudden loss of physical health, and the “healing” made possible only through learning how to regain harmony and balance on all levels – physical, energy, and spirit.  The spiritual level had to lead across the other two levels toward healing the soul.  Under the premise that my story will be helpful to others who are searching on the spiritual path, as represented by the lessons in truth I learned and the guidance I received from master teachers, I am sharing my soul’s journey with you.  “The Gift of a Rose” (soft cover) is available for direct order through,, and the National Qigong Association web store (  The author can be contacted by e-mail:



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  1. Sherilyn December 7, 2010 at 9:55 AM #

    So many thanks for sharing the gifts of my journey! Blessings for all! In love and light, Sherilyn

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