Share your knowledge in a guest blog

Share your knowledge in a guest blog

 Having a blog  has become one of the social  medias a business cannot ignore, along with a facebook and twitter account. I’ve been avoiding blogging for a few years, but finally took the plunge.

My Blog GuestAlong the way, I found this great idea called guest blogging. And, to my surprise, there was a site dedicated to guest blogging called . It was created by Ann Smarty who has a passion to connect bloggers to help each other out. She has created a great community of people.

Yet again, having posponted blogging for so long, I was asking  myself, “why do I want to blog on another site instead of just my own?”  Well a few reasons are:

  1. more traffic is generated to your site
  2. build contacts with other bloggers
  3. learn other bloggers’ tactics and methods
  4. share your story to a wider audience

Having been a  member of this site for a few months, I have learned many techniques on how to improve my blog.  I’ve written two guest blogs, and am in process of writing a few more. Guest blogs allow you to write about what you know that is not related to your own blog. I’ve worked in IT for over 30 years. I also do organic gardening and love cooking. Searching thru allows me to guest blog on these topics.

My advise is to take the plunge and write about what you love.

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