Sending Energy Healing to Japan

Sending Energy Healing to Japan

Archangel Raphael, the Healer“I will write peace on your wings, and you will fly all over the world.” – Sadako Sasaki

Like everyone else, I’ve been watching the unfolding events in Japan with prayers to all those affected, as well as to the tireless emergency responders and volunteers who are rescuing people every day. There are many good organizations that could use our donations to help provide shelter and medicine – if you can send that kind of help, I encourage you to do so.

I have a deep affinity for our neighbors in the East who have shared with us their ancient traditions of wisdom and healing. They need us now, more than ever, to act upon the lessons we have learned, to send peace and healing to the world.

Healing circles are forming in every corner of the Earth for the people of Japan, and I invite you to join me in sending them much needed positive energy. Whether you are in a group or on your own, begin by sitting comfortably and taking some deep, cleansing breaths. Allow the distractions around you to slowly dissipate, until there is nothing but the soft sound of breathing and your heart beating.

Raise your right hand and put it into the giving position (slightly cupped, facing down). Then lift your left hand and put it in the receiving position (slightly cupped, facing up).  If you are in a circle, your neighbors’ hands will be within an inch or two of your own. Relax and breathe deeply. Allow yourself to begin to notice the energy in the room. Gentle, swirling, it is all around you – an invisible light that connects us all.

Imagine your left hand is a receiver of that energy. Feel your hand warmly tingle as it receives energy from your neighbor and the world around us. Allow that energy to flow gently through your body, and release it peacefully with your right hand to your neighbor. (If you are on your own, imagine releasing the energy directly towards Japan). Your circle will begin to vibrate as the energy moves more swiftly through each of you, around and around, forming a ring of pulsing healing light. Together, direct that light toward the center of the circle. Imagine it, a liquid ball of golden-white light, filled with peace and healing and positive energy; pulsating there for a moment before, together, you release it on to Japan with these words:

“Angels and ascended masters, we ask you to bring hope and healing to our world. We ask that this positive energy be shared amongst all the inhabitants of Japan and beyond. Bring the strength they need to push on, the faith that they will succeed, and peace to their hearts. Allow the golden-white energy of the Universe to provide deep healing wherever it is needed. We ask this in all peace and gratitude.”

As the energy releases onward, send your love along with it, on the wings of 1,000 birds.

In peace and light,




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