Seeking Your Animal Guide

Seeking Your Animal Guide
Noble Spirit Mystical Art Print

Noble Spirit Mystical Art Print

There are many guides watching over and helping us throughout our lives – angels, ascended masters, our dearly departed loved ones, to name a few – but we too often forget to embrace the help of our animal guides. They offer unconditional love and protection and are as close to us as a kindred spirit can be.

Native American tradition tells us we each have our own unique animal guide, as unique to us as our fingerprints. This belief is often reflected even in modern times, such as in the characters in the Harry Potter series who each had their own unique animal patronus.  But we don’t have a wand to wave to discover that gentle creature protecting us. No problem. There are several meditations that can bring our guide before us. Here is one of my favorites:

Prepare a room with a lightly scented candle and calming background music or silence. Settle into your regular meditation position, or relax in a comfortable chair with your feet flat on the floor and hands resting lightly on the chair arms or in your lap. Close your eyes. Take three slow, deep, cleansing breaths.

Imagine a place in nature that gives you a sense of peace and contentment. Somewhere that feels like home. It could be a beach, a forest, a desert, or even your own backyard. Just pick the first place in nature that comes to your mind when you think of contentedness. Imagine yourself sitting in that place. Smell the air. Imagine you are barefoot and feel the ground, squeezing it with your toes. Smile  – this is a place that should feel familiar and happy.

As you sit there, allow yourself to notice the wildlife around you, peering at you from their shelters. You are completely relaxed. You are at home in this setting. Everything feels natural and just as it should be. Now, without speaking aloud, fill your heart and mind with welcoming thoughts. Ask your animal guide permission to see him or her.  And then simply wait, quiet, gentle, and welcoming.

After a few moments, you will notice one of the creatures move slowly toward you. It could be anything from a tiger to an inchworm, although typically native to your peaceful place setting (but not always).This is your animal guide. Welcome this animal with your smile and your heart. Allow him or her to come very close to you, to touch you. You are not afraid. Reach out your hand to touch your animal guide. Feel the soft fur or delicate wings or cool, leathery skin. Thank your guide for being there and for watching over you.

At this point, you may ask your guide a question. There may or may not be an answer this time, but when the answer comes, you will feel it inside. Let your guide know that you would be happy to visit again. Stay as long as you like, and when you are ready to return to your physical space, thank your animal guide once again. Slowly return you mind to your meditation position, and allow yourself to awaken.  You will feel peaceful and happy. You have just met your animal guide. Whenever you are feeling sad or troubled, or simply want to share a joy, your guide will be waiting for you in your shared peaceful place, always as loyal as your dearest friend.

I would love to hear how this meditation works for you. Feel free to post a comment here and tell us about your animal guide. Sharing is always good.

In peace and light,




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