Season of change

Season of change

Are you experience that what used to work no longer works? It is a time of letting go  and finding new ways. Our world is going through dramatic changes. Old ways will turn into new ways. Ways that share values which include saving our planet, sharing wealth, and unity. this is the meaning of 2012. A time when a new world will be created. A time of where  old ways of power will no longer work.

Change cycle consists of 6 steps.

  1. loss – periods of fear and paralysis.
  2. doubt – periods of resentment and resistance.
  3. discomfort – periods of anxiety and confusion
  4. discovery – periods of anticipation and energy
  5. understanding – periods of confidence and productivity
  6. integration – periods of satisfaction and generosity.

In order for new to come in , there needs to be an open space. Think of a glass of water. If it is full, there is no room to put more into the glass. You need to empty some of the water, in order to add more. That is the same when moving into a new season. One needs to let go in order to make room for the new.

This is  great time to release, since it is a natural time when the weather seasons change. Spring is  here. Spring cleaning is not just about cleaning your house, it’s about cleaning your thoughts.

  • Clear the energy in your home.
  • Plant some seeds of what you want (these can be thoughts or real seeds).
  • Take a energy clearing bath.
  • Open the windows and let the march breeze clear out all the energetic cobwebs.

So what can you do to help yourself through this time.

  • Take an inventory of what no longer works.
  • Reflect on is there a better way. Is it just time to let it go?
  • Journaling provides insight into the real reason one is resisting the change. In this comes a new idea, a new thought.

“One moves forward when the pain of moving forward is less than the pain of staying where one is at. “



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