Remembering St Nicholas

Remembering St Nicholas

St Nicholas   St. Nicholas was the European Santa Claus to me. The excitement started on the Eve of St. Nicholas, December 5th.

I waited until right before sleep. I made sure my slippers were clean and I used the biggest slippers I could find. (sometimes I used my boots). Why? Because I wanted as much as I could get. 

I went to sleep dreaming of what I may get. Sometimes it was hard to fall asleep, but I knew the faster I fell asleep, the faster the morning would come.

As soon as I woke, I opened my bedroom door to see what St. Nicholas brought.

So what did St. Nicholas fill our shoes with? Candies, oranges, chocolates.

And them my parents would tell us the story of their childhood. Both my parents came from Europe, at a time when there was not much to give. They only got oranges when St. Nicholas brought them. And candies and chocolate were eaten a handful of times during the year. They learned to appreciate all that was given to them, since they had so little.

So I continued to celebrate St Nicholas with my children when they were small. And now, since my children have their own children, I remind them of St Nicholas.

I celebrate St Nicholas is spirit these days, remembering the joy it brought.



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