National Soccer Coaches of America Week

National Soccer Coaches of America Week

Soccer  Jan 14-18 is National Soccer Coaches of America Week.


I applaud all coaches. Yet Soccer is closer to home for me.


My father coached my brother’s soccer team. The father of my children coached their soccer team.

So what is coaching all about and why do we honor these coaches? Well, from my point of view, coaching is about giving back and helping others to achieve. It’s about continuing on one of your favorite pastimes. It’s remember your youth and the progress you’ve made to become who you are.

Both of these coaches played soccer in their youth and loved the sport. The father of my children even played on a league in his youth. They spent many hours driving kids around, working on new types of training. The love of the sport drove them. They love watching the children improve.  But mostly, the love to watch the children trust themselves and become the best they can be. For there is no greater accomplishment than that.

So during this week, remember the coaches in your life. Send them your appreciation.

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