My bucket list

My bucket list

I attended a class once that had you write up what you wanted folks to say about you at your funeral. You then had to honestly assess whether your list would be true based on who you are today. Needless to say, I had some work to do.

I also had the opportunity to watch the  hilarious show of  “The Bucket List”.  It again reminded me of how fast life goes. So I did the exercise again of writing up what was most important to me, what I want to accomplish in my lifetime.  And my list did change from the first time.

1. Achieve my heart’s desire. There is a longing in my heart and soul that needs to be expressed. I’ve had many careers in this lifetime, and now it’s time to bring this longing to the surface. The longing to help people along their walk of life. For in helping others can we help ourselves. Giving brings out the best in all of us.

2. Spend  today as if this were my last. Many times I kept pushing off what I wanted to do because there was not enough time or money. It reminds me of the time I sold one of my previous homes. I put in many new appliances in the selling process. My house was so nice, I wondered why I hadn’t put them in before, so I could actually use them.  So now, I fix up my house while I live in it. And I spend more time with my family and friends. I breathe in the air and sun. I enhance my gardens and watch the butterflies.

3. Laugh more.  There is an advantage to getting older. You’ve already accomplished most of what you set out to do. And now it’s more about spending time on what’s important. And laughing is such a great way to spend time. I’ve learned how to laugh with my whole body, which is a unique experience for me. And it brings so much lightness into my life. We all know how contagious a baby’s laugh can be. Here is one video that portrays this.  

So what is on your bucket list?



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