Are you paying attention to what you are doing? How often do you drive somewhere and then wonder how you got there?

Mindfulness is a practice of paying attention to the task at hand. Focusing your thoughts.

Practicing mindfulness can be done with any activity or task. When washing dishes, keep your mind and attention on what you are doing, instead of allowing it to travel to all your thoughts of the future or the past, or trying to solve a problem. Mindfulness actually allows the mind to relax, which then allows the the “answers” to just appear. How many times has the answer appeared AFTER we’ve taken our mind off what we are trying to solve.

8 Ways to Raise a Mindful Child is a great article showing the simple things in life to practice mindfulness. Children do this naturally.

Allow a child to focus on what they are doing. Interrupting their focus in order for you to interact with them is not always the best thing. You can interact with them after they are done focusing.

So have fun and be mindful.



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