Love Hummingbirds

Love Hummingbirds
Are you attracted to Hummingbirds? These mystical creatures are well known for their ability to fly in any direction – forwards, backwards, up, down. They also hover in one spot. If you connect with a hummingbird, you have the ability to move in whatever direction you want. You can adapt to any situation.
Hummimgbird, Oh Hummingbird
by Terri Long
hummingbird, oh hummingbird
you showed me beauty without a word
so tiny, so small
hovering there as if to stand so tall
Fragile you do look.
Pretty as a picture in a book.
Spellbound I am looking at you
what a wonder you are..
The Epitome of strength there in mid-air.
Going about your life without a care.
Colors so beautiful ,without even a sound.
Truly.. Still.. I am spellbound.
Your wings an illusion, peaceful, calm, and serene.
You seem slo-motion like in a dream.
So hummingbird oh hummingbird with your spellbound flight
Your strength and steadfastness,, and your might..
You in all your wonder.. come back..
keep me spellbound anytime from dawn ’til early night.

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