Inner Wisdom

Inner Wisdom

Have you ever wondered what the secret to success is?  The simple answer is inner wisdom.  However, not many people understand what that entails.  Finding and relying on your inner wisdom is important in all aspects of life.


“Ever had a feeling that came from beyond the mind?  Ever found that sometimes words are imperfect to articulate these feelings?  Whatever language we speak in, the invitation is always to transcend their meaning and feel them in the heart.”

Source: Ezinearticles


Within every single person, there exists a “door way,” which opens up access to one’s inner wisdom.  To most this door way remains unknown to the conscious mind or is simply not paid attention to.  Merely knowing that this door way exists is not enough to open it and utilize it properly.


However, the priceless inner wisdom which lies beyond the door is worth learning how to unveil and access.  Only then can this valuable wisdom be utilized in all walks of life.  Only then can a person truly be as successful as possible.  One’s full potential and capabilities are finally realized and displayed.


Did you know that the answer to all of your questions is within you?  The inner wisdom within can provide you with answers to any questions you may have.  In fact, we already know the answer to our question before it even arises.  Questioning of the truth will typically cause disarray, particularly in those who have not yet unlocked the door.


Most people require evidence in order to support their thoughts.  Some believe that only seeing something makes it real.  They follow the saying, “seeing is believing.”  However, you should try turning that saying around: Believing is seeing.


Because some people constantly question and doubt any knowledge that comes from within the heart, great disarray, confusion, and conflict is created.  They must learn that the truth always exist, whether it is hidden or out in the open.  Just because you cannot find hard evidence to prove something, does not make it untrue.


Behind all of this doubting, questioning, and confusion is fear.  Fear of the unknown.  Essentially, people fear their inner wisdom, because they could be wrong or they could be right.


Naturally, this fear prevents a person from reaching his/her full potential.  Once a person can overcome this fear and tap into his/her inner wisdom, he/she will feel much happier, at ease, and experience success in all areas of life.


“May in your journey you believe that wisdom from within will sometimes ask you to act. When it does; ACT. May you know that wisdom from within will sometimes ask you to be patient. When it does; BE PATIENT. May you understand that wisdom from within will sometimes ask you to trust with knowingness. When it does; TRUST WITH KNOWINGNESS. May you be blessed enough to know that wisdom from within will sometimes ask you to say nothing. When it does; BE SILENT.”

Source: Trinisha Vandeyar

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