How to make a vision map

How to make a vision map

In order for your world to change, you need to focus on what you want. You need to dream about it, visualize what you want. Spend more time on what you want and less time (prefer no time) on what you don’t want. A vision board can help.

So what is a vision board? This is also known as a vision map, dream map, vision board. It is a way to project what you desire into reality. You can create one related to each of your dreams, or one for all of them, or one for some of them. It’s up to you. I tend to create them with all my dreams. And some dreams are short-term and some are long-term. And when I update my vision board, I update my dreams with more pertinent information and remove those dreams that have become reality.

Here are the simple steps.

1. Collection. This is the phase where you collect objects to put on your board. I cut out pictures from magazines and put them into a folder. Then when I’m ready to update my board, I go thru them and see if I need to get more. You can also go to the internet and print pictures from your computer. You can use digital pictures you’ve taken with your camera. I also cut out phrases, or cut our words and create my own phrases.


2. Get your medium & supplies. You can use many medium to use for your vision board. You can use poster board. I’ve also cut out one side from a cardboard box.In this case you would typically glue the pictures.  I’ve also used corkboard, since used tacks to hang the pictures.
3. Assemble. Now decide how you want to arrange your pictures and phrases. Everyone has a different artistic approach, and all of them are perfect. For this is YOUR vision board.
4. Feel. Make sure you place this vision board somewhere you will pass by it every day. You need to see it to get your mind to visualize it and bring it to your conscious mind. Then you can keep enhancing your vision, filling in the pieces. You can see all the furniture and knick knacks in a room in your dream house. You can see the different flowers in our backyard. You can see the people coming in and out of your business. And most of all,  FEEL the dream, don’t just think about it. You must infuse yourself into your dreams, to let the universe know you really want it.

And feel free to come back and update this blog with how this turned out for you. Tell us about your dreams that became reality.



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