Goddess Freya

Goddess Freya

Freya is the Mother Goddess in Norse mythology. She is the sister of Frey. Freya and Frigg are the most important Norse goddesses.

A Goddess of the Sun, she is renowned for her beauty, sexuality and strength as a warrior. Freya’s  inner power and self knowledge were legendary. She wears a necklace of amber called Brisingamen, forged by elves. Legend  speaks of Freya’s wisdom and ability to attain her desires.

Freya from Doreen Virtue Oracle Cards

It is said that luck cannot exist without Freya, that even the Gods languished without her wisdom. She is typically shown with falcon wings growing from her arms, and is know for feather-skin so she can travel in the form of a hawk.

  • Her sacred day is Friday.
  • Her tears turned rock to gold.
  • associated with number 9
  • Her color is Violet
  • astrological sign of Cancer and associated with Venus
  • Falcons, amber, diamonds and cats are sacred to her.

Catching Freya

Try to bind her, and she´ll storm away,
free as a falcon circling the sky.
Invite her in, and she gives herself to you,
Returns from her journey, again and again.

Seek to close her in behind bars,
You´ll just find that you´ve caught yourself;
Without feeling, hard grows your heart;
sensuousness flies in falcon garb.

Try to catch her – empty´s your hand,
Let her go, and she will consume you;
Fully embrace her, she’ll open you up
and give you all the fullness of life.

Freya the free one, the strong one, the wild,
Giving gifts with generous hand;
From this fullness love can prosper,
Like her herself, so unbound and free.

courtesy of http://www.odins-gift.com/poth/A-F/catchingfreya.htm

Doreen Virtue writes ““Goddess of fertility, celebration and passion, Freyja rides her chariot pulled by mighty cats (Leo) across the rainbow bridge connecting Heaven and Earth. Unafraid of her sexual power, Freyja teaches us to appreciate our attractiveness and enjoy ourselves.”



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