Four Rivers of Life

Four Rivers of Life

The one thing that we can count on in life is change.

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As we go through the various stages in life, change is inevitable. Integrating and becoming wisdom in the last half of life is a wonderful event if endowed with spirit and purpose.

There is a wonderful book called “The Second Half of Life” by Angeles Arrien where she describes the 8 gates you passed through in life over 50. Each section has a description, a task, a challenge, a gift, reflections, and practice. If you have the opportunity, it is well worth the read, and many hours of reflection. Which gate will you walk through?


One section describes the four rivers of life

  1. River of Inspiration shows us we can still be inspired and be creative. Provides us experiences to expand, uplift.
  2. River of Challenge asks us to stretch and grow beyond what is known, to leave our comfort zones.
  3. River of Surprise opens us to options and possibilities that w may not have considered. There is my plan and the Universe plan.
  4. River of Love shows us that the work and service that we love can make us happy. It shows us where we are touched by life’s experiences.

Extending you love along your journey.



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