Four Places to Visit in Geneva

Four Places to Visit in Geneva

Known as the “World Capital of Bureaucracy,” Geneva, Switzerland is an eclectic city inhabited by many foreigners and visitors year-round. As the location of the Untied Nation’s European Headquarters as well as a home to art and artists from all around, there are many great places that are a must see for your next trip to this amazing locale.

  1. 1.    The United Nations
    Though the main headquarters is in New York City, USA, the United Nations’ European Headquarters in here in Geneva. Appropriate because of the Swiss tradition of neutrality in international conflict, the UN building is a worthwhile stop. You can get a tour and maybe a glimpse of a prestigious foreign diplomat.
  2. 2.    International Committee of the Red Cross
    Another organization founded upon neutrality, the ICRC is also headquartered in Geneva and boasts an award-winning museum. Here you can chart the history of this organization, which was the first humanitarian organization in the world.Open daily from 10am-5pm, the ICRC Museé International de la Croix-Rouge et du Croissant-Rouge, as it is called in French, also houses permanent exhibitions on everything from prisoners of war to acts of mercy focusing on the human ties that bind us all.
  3. 3.    Cathédrale St-Pierre (Geneva Cathedral)
    Though currently home to the Swiss Reformed Church, Cathédrale St-Pierre has been dated back to the Roman Empire. There is an archeological site underneath the currently-used cathedral areas that dates back to the 4thcentury and can be toured daily. Famous names such as founder of Protestantism John Calvin have preached here and the architecture is an awesome confusion of different styles sure to intrigue.Most importantly, Cathédrale St-Pierre is located in the heart of the city’s Old Town and is a great jumping off point for further exploration and in close proximity to other landmarks and museums.
  4. 4.    Lake Geneva
    Known in French as Lake Léman, this is one of the largest lakes in Western Europe at 45 miles long by 8.7 miles wide. It is a true natural beauty during any season of the year and offers different activities and views depending on weather each day.

Truly a gem among European cities, Geneva, Switzerland is known for so much more than skiing and chocolate. It is a beautiful city with a rich and diverse population who at any time could be speaking English, French, German or Italian interchangeably. Located in the scenic and truly wondrous Rhone River Valley it is a town worth seeing and lingering over.

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