Feeding Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Feeding Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Circle Of Wings Mystical Art Print

Circle Of Wings Mystical Art Print

Did you know that February is National Bird Feeding Month?  It was created through a Congressional resolution in 1994 to encourage and support care for wild birds during winter when food, water, and shelter are scarce.

We humans have a special connection to our wild bird brothers. They inspire us to dream, to elevate ourselves ever higher. In many traditions, the bird symbolizes the soul, our soaring spirits traveling to otherworlds in dreams or passing physical boundaries into next lives and on to heaven.

One of my all-time favorite books is Jonathan Livingston Seagull. It is a beautiful story about a bird who felt a calling to push boundaries, who taught others how to reach deep inside themselves and achieve more than they ever dreamed possible. He took heart-thumping risks, survived devastating failures, but never gave up.

I think of that seagull when I see a hawk making lazy circles high in the sky, or hear the aching cry of a loon across a misty lake, or watch the quick little sparrow darting back and forth from my bird feeder to his tree perch. How far have they come? How far will they go? What personal boundaries will they inspire me to break?

We help feed the birds, and they help feed our souls. Keep tossing those seeds and berries,




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