Fall Cleanup with benefits

Fall Cleanup with benefits

The Midwest had fantastic weather this weekend. Providing time to rake leaves, mulch trees and plants for the winter, pulling any last weeds which now easily come out with the root. You can still see a single daisy, a white rose, some lavender. The leaves are full of fall color bringing life to a seemingly lifeless garden.

Yet life still exists in the garden. It has retracted to the core, to the stem of life. And we ensure that life to continue thru the winter with trimming of branches, mulching the base, removing any weeds. Also thinning of plants, removing any unwanted plants, or possibly moving some plants and bushes.

And so with our spiritual lives. While it is still harvest time, it is time to prepare for the what you want to keep. Doing this process while physically working in the garden helps to focus. As you pull weeds,  visualize removing anything that is interfering with your spiritual growth. As you trim branch,  visualize refining your thoughts. As you place mulch around your trees, visualize protecting your dreams.

This is a wonderful way to bring spirituality into your daily life. And accomplish 2 things at once. That is what life is about, bringing yourself fully to each moment.

Have a wonderful time preparing your garden and your garden of life.



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