Fairy Gardens

Fairy Gardens

Fairy gardens are mystical places. Images of the tree staircase in Rivendell in the Lord of the RIngs movie. You can create this mystical fairyland in your own home. Just imagine all the fairies that will come to visit!

Depending on the size of the fairy garden, you have many choices. Container gardens, garden kits, or make your own.

Courtesy of Natural Haven



Container gardens are great for those who want to move the garden around. Natural Haven provides many accessories for your garden. Just choose your container, plants and accessories.





Courtesy of Miniature Gardens




For those you want to buy ready made, you can purchase a fairy house or a container fairy garden. You will have fun trying to choose the right house for you. Summer Past Farms has gift-wrapped fairy homes ready to ship, just pick the style you like!





Once you are done, have a fairy party! Drink some fairy nectar, eat lavender fairy cakes, and wave your fairy wands! Get your recipes.



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Morton Arboretum, Lisle



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