Exercise to generate energy

Exercise to generate energy

If you are one of those you keep  needing a reason to exercise, here is a new concept that may motivate you. Create energy each time you exercise, enough to maybe some of those small electronic devices you’ve been wanting.

So where is this new equipment. Fitness centers, schools, health systems are all participating.

  • Green Microgyn in Portland Oregon, a fitness center also using solar energy.
  • Gold’s Gym in Fredericksburg Virginia.
  • EcoFusion  Fitness in Corvalis Oregon
  • Crossover Health in Laguna Beach California
  • Proctor Academy in Andover New Hampshire
  • Northshore School District in Bothell Washington


Windstream Power is one company that allows you to convert your bike into a energy capturing device. For those do it yourself folks.

Plug Out has 4 options of equipment to choose from, cross-trainer, cycle, upright bike, and recumbent bike. They started selling their equipment in June 2010. This equipment is ready to use out of the box.



Now for some more interesting inventions using sweat power to generate electricity. How about a pedal powered washing machine? Or a pedal powered laptop? Recharge your ipod or cell phone as you are bicycling. How about a bike pedaled apple grinder? Read more.



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