Elegant Backyard Weddings

Elegant Backyard Weddings

When it comes to weddings, pretentious is out. Brides and grooms today are realizing that nothing beats the warmth and charm of an informal wedding full of personal touches. In fact, many couples are opting to skip the fancy reception venue in favor of hosting a wedding in their own backyard. These are some wonderful ideas on how to plan an elegant backyard wedding.

Unpretentious does not mean plain or undecorated. The best backyard weddings are loaded with unique details that are full of character. Start with pretty letterpress or flat printed wedding invitations with lots of color. Popular choices for color include cherry red, aqua blue, grass green, ochre yellow, purple, and brown. Having colorful touches on your invitations is perfect for an informal wedding, and a great way to let your guests know that they can look forward to a party that is un-stuffy and cheerful.

Attire can be a big question for brides planning to get married in their own backyard. A good rule of thumb is to stay away from fabric which is shiny. A silk satin ballgown has no place at this type of celebration. An A-line lace gown, a whimsical tulle dress, or a raw-edge organza dress, on the other hand, would be divine. As for bridesmaids, printed cotton dresses with unique bridesmaid jewelry would look fantastic. Another idea is to choose a more traditional bridesmaid dress in a non-shimmery fabric like chiffon or shantung, and accessorize it with chunky bridesmaid jewelry sets. Flat shoes or wedges will keep everyone comfy on a grassy surface. The men in the wedding should coordinate with the level of formality of the bridal gown. A tuxedo would be too much, but a khaki suit worn with a patterned tie would be very handsome.

Choose wedding decorations which suit the backyard location. It should look almost as if you just happened to throw together a large family gathering using all the great stuff you had in your house. Think upscale picnic with a shabby chic flair. Use long wooden farmhouse tables for family style seating. You can even use vintage pieces of painted wood furniture to display the wedding cake, hold the escort cards, and hold the wedding favors. Fresh cut flowers in Mason jars, pitchers, and vintage hobnail vases are the ideal centerpieces. Create a mis-matched assortment running down the length of the family style dinner tables. Use flowers with a homegrown appeal such as garden roses, peonies, hydrangeas, lilacs, or wildflowers for centerpieces and bouquets.

When designing the details for your informal wedding, you can have a lot of fun playing with patterns. Sun-faded florals, gingham checks, and awning stripes are all great choices. You can mix and match patterns at will in the tablecloths, napkins, and even the wedding cake. A really fun DIY project is to make colorful bunting flags from all of your different patterns. The bunting is a very festive way to dress up the cake table, hang over an outdoor ceremony altar, or string from tree to tree. The crafty bride can also experiment with stencils and stamping to create personalized favor bags, programs, and much more.

The true appeal of the backyard wedding is how it encourages people to come together. When you set the stage with inviting decorations, great food, and a friendly atmosphere, your guests are sure to have the time of their lives at your wedding. Who can ask for more than that?


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