Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

Dreams has been discussed throughout the centuries.  There are times we feel like we are awake in our dreams. There are other times we wake up and feel like we’ve been fighting for our lives in our dreams.

Dream catchers is a tradition with the Native Americans.  The traditional dream catcher was intended to protect the sleeping individual from negative dreams, while letting positive dreams through. The positive dreams would slip through the hole in the center of the dream catcher, and glide down the feathers to the sleeping person below. The negative dreams would get caught up in the web, and expire when the first rays of the sun struck them. From www.dream-catchers.org



Dream Catcher Essential Oil is an exotic formula designed to enhance the process of dreaming and visualization. The ability to hold onto your dreams – positive dreams that move you forward emotionally and spiritually – can lead to a greater ability to realize your desires and stay on the path of fulfillment. Dream Catcher also protects against negative dreams that may cloud your vision.  Ingredients: Sandalwood, tangerine, ylang ylang, black pepper, bergamot, juniper, anise, and blue tansy.


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  1. Mike Maynard July 4, 2011 at 10:46 AM #

    I read a couple of blogs. I do a lot of the exercises in the exercise blog out of habit. I am only 65Kg and 186 cm tall though! I’ve seen photographs of dream catchers but never actually seem one.

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