Drab Backyard? Get Over it with a Garden Bridge

Drab Backyard? Get Over it with a Garden Bridge
Contributed by Dan Fink
Garden bridges can be traced to the earliest civilizations, where they decorated landscapes from the stately grounds of ancient Roman and Greek aristocracy, to the exotic water gardens of Japan and China. They were built as much for decoration as for practicality, and, in many cases, were designed to be in harmony with the surrounding plant life and the water.

There has always been a certain mystique about water, with different cultures using it to symbolize life, rebirth, purification, immortality, tranquility, and more. Its ability to induce feelings of serenity and contentment, while rejuvenating the spirit, has made it central to the gardens that have been used as places of meditation in many civilizations. The bridge has always been equally important in the scheme of the landscape, as the vantage point from which to enjoy the full splendor of the scenery.

The irresistible allure of water has caused another renewal, in the current resurgence of interest in water gardens, which are springing up in backyards everywhere. Even where there is no natural source of water, people are creating their own stunning koi ponds and ornamental pools, using the durable, flexible pond liners that are now available.

Consequently, the garden bridge is also riding a new wave of popularity. Beautiful, versatile, functional, and ornamental, it will add a whole new dimension to your landscape. Even if you don�t have a pond, stream, or creek, you can still use an attractive garden bridge as a decorative accent among your flowers, along a path, or across your walkway. No matter where it�s situated, it will instantly bridge the gap between an ordinary backyard, and a picturesque haven.

Of course, it�s important to shop for a high-quality bridge that will stand up to all kinds of weather. At CedarStore.com, you�ll find an impressive array of garden bridges that will endure the elements for years, while retaining their beauty and structural integrity. The selection includes gorgeous, hand-crafted, decay-resistant cedar and treated pine bridges, as well as an assortment of incredibly durable, maintenance-free vinyl bridges.

CedarStore.com has all of the most popular styles, including enchanting single and double rail bridges, charming picket and half-picket rail bridges, elegant plank bridges, and a captivating covered bridge. It�s also the only place you�ll find the spectacular Opti-Breeze� Bridge, an astounding feat of engineering, which creates a dazzling optical illusion that will cause a sensation in your neighborhood.

With sizes up to 16 feet long, and an amazing 6 feet wide, and custom options available, there�s a garden bridge for every garden or backyard at CedarStore.com. They also offer free shipping on all bridge kits, which can be quickly and easily assembled. For more information, or to reach one of their professional consultants, call 888-293-2339, or e-mail e-mail contact@cedarstore.com .

By Dan Fink

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