Do you feel heavy and tired at home?

Do you feel heavy and tired at home?


Do you find yourself tired and unmotivated in certain places? Is your home one of these? Many factors play into being despondent. Your emotional and physical well-being. Your home’s structure. Sometimes your environment could be the biggest culprit in feeling tire. Below are 3 things you can do to improve the flow of your home and remove the tiredness.

Make Room

The more cluttered a space, the more tired you feel in that space. Energy needs to move freely, and energy gets stuck in nooks & crannies. Everyone has their own radar as to how much free flowing energy they can respond to. Take inventory of how it feels before you move / remove items, and afterwards. If you feel less tired and more capable of moving forward, then you’ve moved forward towards creating an environment that is the most opportune for you.



Keepsakes are wonderful to bring back fond memories. Sometimes the items we keep actually hinder us from moving forward and keep us in the past. Sometimes we push bad memories into the crevices of our minds, and ALSO into the crevices of our space. Review what you are storing in your boxes, cabinets, basements for items that may keep you in the past. Just because the item is out of sight, it still carries that energy with it.

Breath of Fresh Air

Remember what it’s like to be sitting on a hot summer day without a breeze. That tired feeling. Now remember a cool day with a gentle breeze. What a difference! Open your windows and let some fresh breeze blow through your house and help move the energy cobwebs out of your home.


Trying these items should help you get started with finding more energy for life. This is something that continually needs to be done, either anuually, or at beginning of every season. Minimally, it should be done whenever you move, since you don’t want to bring with anything from your past that will keep you in the past.


“Life is movement – we breathe, we eat, we talk – we move!  John Pierrokos

“Intention moves energy” Silva Hartmann



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