Divine Gifts Goddess Organic Non-Toxic Body Products

Divine Gifts Goddess Organic Non-Toxic Body Products
Are There Chemicals In Your Makeup? Smartphone App Could TellBy Natash Baker TORONTO (Reuters) – Consumers worried about what might be lurking within their cosmetics and skin care products can turn to new apps that scan barcodes to review the items for safety. Each day women are exposed to about 168 chemicals in beauty products, according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a Washington-based health research and advocacy group that looks into toxic chemicals. Think Dirty, a free iPhone app, gives a product a score after scanning the barcode for ingredients and chemicals.

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Goddess Decor

Goddess Decor

  Looking for body products that are healthy for your body and non-toxic to the environment? Our goddess body products may be just perfect for you. They are rated on EWG as ZERO, which is the lowest score of toxicity you can get. Which means there is no toxins in these products. And they are all organic as well.

Bring out the goddess in you. These divine gifts are uniquely scented for each goddess. From Aphrodite to Brigit to Diana to Isis. Goddess gifts include body lotions, body scrubs and body wash.

It’s great to know that there will now be a phone app that you can use when buying new products. I’ve been researching and documenting in an excel spreadsheet all the products that were non-toxic, so I had it handy in the store. I will still do that, since not all stores carry non-toxic products.

So here’s to a new world working on creating environmentally friendly AND healthy products for you.

(Info from Think Dirty App Could Clue Consumers In To Chemicals In Makeup, The Huffington Post)

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