Challenge yourself to a new habit

Challenge yourself to a new habit

Do you need a challenge to motivate yourself, or move to the next level? Build a habit in 21 days.

Motivation is defined as something that causes a person to act.   There are circumstances where external motivation is required and other times internal motivation. External persists as long as the external motivator exists and you want the outcome. The experience of external motivation can be transferred to internal motivation once the external motivator is removed, identification with value of behavior exists, and it has been fully integrated with other aspects or yourself.


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Some examples of challenges are

What challenges do you use?





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  1. Ali Bierman August 25, 2011 at 7:25 PM #

    I challenge myself. When I KNOW I need to mkae serious change I set my site on how I want to feel. THEN i find an accountability prtner who expects me to do what I say.

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