Celebrate the time of Leo Divas

Celebrate the time of Leo Divas

Surround yourself with a beautiful fairy representing the sign of Leo

This zodiac home decor wall art print represents the sign of Leo.

Surrounded by her corresponding colors of gold, orange and red, the Leo Fairy stands beneath her ruling Sun next to a gold chalice that is lit with a flame befitting this fire sign. With the symbol of Leo tattooed on her shoulder, she wears a golden armband inset with the official Leo gemstone, the ruby. Bay leaves adorn her hair and marigolds, a flower linked to this Zodiac sign, frame this piece.

Leo Symbolism
Ruling Planet: The Sun
Element: Fire
Symbol: The Lion
Flowers: Bay Leaf, Marigold
Colors: Gold, Orange, Red
Gemstone: Ruby
Traits: Powerful, Impressive


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