Butterflies – Inside and Out

Butterflies – Inside and Out

My butterfly garden is about 3 years old now. I’ve learned quickly which flowers grow for me and which ones don’t. I’m a firm believer in perennials, since they allow me to grow my garden without much effort.

I am trying the butterfly bush now for the second time. It looks good, but we’ll see if it makes it thru the summer. My favorites, which grow the easiest, are: purple conehead, daisies, black-eyed Susans,  shasta daisy, and delphinium.  Other plants in my yard that help my butterfly garden are: lilacs, azaleas, cosmos, echinacea, lavender, and sage. You can also choose your plants by the type of butterfly you want to attract. For a list of butterflies in your area, try out this site.

Creating a butterfly garden is simple. I researched all the flowers that are good for butterfly gardens. Then picked out my favorites, and planted them in groups (since I like a flood of color). I typically add mushroom compost and bone meal when I plant the flowers. Then I add mushroom compost yearly.

Growing a garden.  THIS IS SO SIMPLE!  You need to let the flowers dry out. Then cut them and let them fall onto the ground. Next year, you have lots of new flowers.

Here is a  site that can help in creating your butterfly garden.

There are so many beautiful home decor products available to bring the inspiration of butterflies to you indoors. Candle holders, wall are decor, trinket boxes, and much more.

Sites with beautiful butterfly home decor are:  http://www.quintessencecreations.com/Butterfly-decor-s/63.htmhttp://www.butterflycraze.com/cat_bugs.php. mystique butterfly wall decor.  We will add more sites as we do our research.


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  1. q August 24, 2010 at 6:55 PM #

    hello Quintessence,

    thank you for inspiring me to explore your blogosphere. what a warm and clever blog you have.

    glad to think about how and in what way to have a butterfly garden, someday. charming and lovely.

    your fellow “Q” blogger (fyi my middle name is Quinn, and Q is sort of my writer alter ego, quintessence, obviously one of my favorite words, hehe) from SaSsySwEat.wordpress.com

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