Blessings Multiplied

Blessings Multiplied

On Thanksgiving Day, many millions of Americans will share one special day of gratitude. Gratitude for the roofs over our heads, for a bountiful table, for the loved ones in our lives, and so much more.

Serene Angel FigurineIt is truly a powerful day. Imagine bowed heads, from Alaska to Florida, with hair of every color, and lips in many languages, all saying “Thank you” to their respective Higher Beings. Millions of people, all counting their blessings on the same day.

I know the angels hear us, and I believe that when we take the time to count our blessings, the angels multiply them. That grateful energy we send is returned to us, with the full power of that healing moment when we all say in one shared voice – thank you.

As our nation bows its collective head in thanksgiving, I want to take this moment to remember all of you who have enjoyed the offerings of Quintessence Creations. You are each a blessing to me.

May the blessings you count be forever multiplied on this Thanksgiving Day.

With heartfelt thanks,



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