Be Still, My Busy Mind.

Be Still, My Busy Mind.

Young Mule Deer in SnowSome mornings, I can tell if it has snowed overnight. As my last dream slips back into my unconsciousness, and my eyes blink slowly open, I can feel the stillness in and around the house. The steady, delicate falling snow muffles the waking sounds of my neighborhood. No birds calling, no dogs barking, no sound of cars warming up. Just a still, peaceful silence, as if Mother Nature is singing the world a lullaby.

Briefly, I snuggle deep within my comforter like a hibernating bear, but the call for a steaming mug of my favorite morning tea is too strong. Soon, I am warmly wrapped in robe and slippers by my favorite window, sipping tea and watching the white lullaby blanket the world.

Nature knows we need our rest better than we do. Whether it’s a blizzard or the flu, she always finds a way to make us pause our busy lives, drop everything, and simply rest a moment.

Ever notice that the more rested you are, the more you can accomplish? Instead of waiting for the Earth Mother to remind us that which every other creature on the planet innately understands, we can simply add rest into our daily schedule. Yes, that could mean a nap, but twenty minutes of meditation is just as refreshing. Sometimes all you need is to sit peacefully, watching the falling snow. No electronics, no book, no list of things to do – just sit comfortably and still your busy mind. Observe the simple beauty outside your window, breathe in an aromatic candle, sip the warmth of your favorite beverage, and relax for half an hour at some point in your day, every day. You’ll be surprised how healthy and awake you’ll feel after doing this for just a week. Besides, Mother Nature is less likely to bring flu to well-rested people. Might be easier to rest on your schedule than on hers.

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