Basics of Your Chakra Energy Field

Basics of Your Chakra Energy Field

Your body has energy that is both electrical and magnetic. You are aware of this since our health technology has equipment that measures our electrical and magnetic fields.There are, however, other equipment that can display our energy systems. The most common is the Aura photo machines, which provides you a color picture of your current aura. QXCI (quantum conscious interface) machine is a biofeedback machine, and depending on the version you use, it can also display your energy system.


Your chakra system is a vortex of electrical energy, which takes energy in and sends energy out. Imbalances and blocked energy causes the vortex to distort. This can be related to physical and emotional issues. Different paradigms have different number of chakras, and the most common used is the 7 Chakra system, shown in the picture below.

Each chakra has various components related to it, one being color. The Chakra hierarhcy, starting with Chakra 1 is below (also seen in picture)







Purple or white or deep red


Part 2 of this article will describe the various other components related to each chakra.



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