At Home in a Winter Faeryland

At Home in a Winter Faeryland

Remember Disney’s Fantasia? Winter reminds me of those magical snow faeries, dancing crystalline waltzes across a frozen pond. I always think of them during the holiday season, bringing the exhilarating chill of snow in the air mingled with pine and nutmeg.

Yule Faery

This Yule Faery wall tile will bring cheer to your holiday guests.

This is a magical time, when goodwill vibrates like invisibly shimmering Northern Lights in every smiling nod to passing strangers and every hug shared with loved ones. I can’t help but feel the urge to spread this magic, this lifting of the human spirit in love and kindness, and to bring it into my home.

The tradition of decorating our homes with symbols of the holiday season is a meaningful way of collecting and transmitting that radiant goodwill energy. The lighting of candles, the baking of treats, the tinkling decorations – these delightful smells and sounds fill us with magic, bubbling up like a happy carol we hum unconsciously.

Holiday Splendor Faery Print

This lovely print is a perfect addition to your home's holiday splendor.

After a few days of unpacking the familiar and shopping for the new, my home is transformed into a winter faeryland filled with treasures that will bring joy to my guests and loved ones. I know I’m the one doing the decorating, but I’m pretty sure I’m not doing it alone. I like to imagine those magical snow faeries, dancing forth from a scented candle, swirling golden-white light around my tree, floating through every room on eddies of wintry joy.

Be sure to set out a little bowl of sweets for the snow faeries. They like that.

Happy decorating!




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