Artwork for YouTube melchizedek144 Ascension

Artwork for YouTube melchizedek144 Ascension

I’ve Been collecting the artwork seen in melchizedek144 YouTube videos. I decided to publish my research, since I’ve seen  many requests

If you haven’t seen this video yet, it is a MUST. Beautiful Enya music. .

If you have information on those I haven’t found yet, please advise.

Triple Hologram of Love

#2 The Ascension

By Catherine Andrews

Purchase at Barewalls

Ascension Christ

#3 Ascension of Christ (1958)

By Salvidor


Key to Eternity

#5 Key to Eternity

By Josephine Wall


Cosmic Heart

#8 Cosmic Heart

By Willow Arlenea

Found at Designs by Willow



#12 Nautilus

By Josephine Wall


Tribal Mosaic

#13 tribal Mosiac

still researching

Stairway To Heaven

#16  Stairway to Heaven

By Gemini moon?



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