Are You a Body Electric?

Are You a Body Electric?
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Lightbulbs bursting, computer blown, vacuum broken? You’re not unlucky, you’re a walking talking, burning brightly, spiritually-enhanced, flashlight. (Say, what?)

Pat was the first to say it. We were sitting at our favorite restaurant sharing what had become a monthly ritual of three friends, for several years. She leaned forward saying, quite matter-of-factly, “You are both flashlights.” Then she handed us each a penlight keyring for our purses as a reminder. “Most of us follow a dimly lit path,” she said, “but every once in awhile you meet someone who carries a flashlight, you two are among those who do.”

We were honored she felt enlightened by us, yet stunned. Like a supernova, Pat’s insights had increased as time worn on. In the months leading up to flashlight day, Pat had been channeling messages from angels, constantly amazing us with the illuminated brilliance she generously shared. Unfortunately, not long after the flashlight meal, life changed. We stopped meeting. Pat, the giver of lights, passed away.

Pat’s message stayed with me, though, however, I must admit, I considered it more of a metaphor than a statement of fact.

I was wrong.

Years before the flashlight incident, I knew nothing about the energies inside and surrounding us. I had yet to hear the words aura, merkabah, meridian, or any other of the numerous terms energy workers know, feel, and often see—energies western medicine baulks at and the science community often ignores or deplores. Energies with the ability to illuminate the mind, heal the body, soothe the soul. But illuminate physically? That sounds like something out of a science fiction movie.

Energy workers, healers, readers, mediums, and other spiritual folk pull in energy that they use to do what they do. Psychic Andrew Jackson Davis drew drawings of this in the 1800s. This energy helps make possible our ability to see, hear, or understand what’s beyond the veil. It also affects those items around them which conduct and share in that energy. (Do you like to talk to plants? You’re sharing your energy and light with them.) The energy enhances our ability to manifest healing and miracles.

What is this energy and what does it do?

The first time I heard of “it,” my husband-to-be had just pulled an age-worn watch from his jeans’ pocket in response to my asking him the time. While it seemed unique to carry a pocket watch in the mid-1970s, he explained, “I can’t wear a normal watch, they run backwards.”


The hands on his wrist watches would cycle around the wrong way. Many of his cell phones required long tech support calls, or we made multiple return trips to stores to find one… agreeable. His energies are just… different. To this day, even though he does occasionally wear watches, neither he nor my youngest son can hold a compass that will point true north. Their inner energies just don’t seem to allow it.

Back in the early 1980s, the company I worked for employed a new accountant. Everyone liked her. She knew her stuff. She could sharpen a pencil with the best of them. But electronic equipment did not like her. It stopped working, blew fuses, went haywire, or worse, just plain died. I can’t tell you how many pieces of equipment they replaced or repaired for her. (It happened a lot.) Though she seemed in no way inept, she did respect the fact that she had limits with anything that plugged into an outlet. She honored its boundary by not trying to fix or fuss with anything that acted up. She would just give it space or hand it off to a qualified repairman.

As I began to expand my mind and become more open to new age practices, read more, learned more, became more aware of unexplained things, the appearance of strange energetic occurrences began to show up more and more. Though most of the awakened individuals I spoke to chalked up their burst lightbulbs and blown electronics to coincidence, shoddy workmanship, or just plain bad luck. They had yet to realize the phenomena happening around them as a signal their energies had become… “enhanced.”

During the 1990s, I finally ran into a woman who acknowledged it openly when I skeptically scheduled a hypnotherapy session. As she fumbled with recording equipment, hand wrote a receipt, and apologized for multiple lamps that would not light, she explained she had affected them, or, more specifically, her energies had.

What was this “disturbance,” this power she wielded—seemingly without control?

Fast forward to late in 2008 when I enrolled in the Fellowships of the Spirit program in Lily Dale, New York. No longer were the worlds of the spiritually enlightened veiled to me. Many of the mysteries I’d wandered about attempting to discover on my own, were brought into the light, including one particularly interesting tidbit about… let’s call it… flashlights… human flashlights, to be exact.

Andrew Jackson Davis

Andrew Jackson Davis, receiving the light.

Studying spiritual anatomy, a mentor suggested that our bone structure’s spiritual purpose represented a radio tower, a pillar of height designed to send and receive communication from above and beyond.

That we might be literal towers of communication and reception fascinated me. I wanted to learn more. My father had built stereo equipment as a hobby in the 1950s, my cousin had been nicknamed “kilowatt,” my husband enjoyed collecting old radios, and my youngest son enjoyed dabbling in all things electric. Electronics were something that always seemed to be around me.

Were they also “in” me—in all of us?

Shortly after my school experience, I came upon an obscure medical article (or at least, obscure in my world). The article written by H. Coetzee, Ph.D. entitled Biomagnetism and Bio-Electromagnetism: The Foundation of Life, included this short, but powerful statement:

“The bone matrix is a biphasic (two-part ) semiconductor, i.e. a crystalline solid with an  electrical conductivity.”

(You have heard of crystal radios, right?) This statement served as confirmation for what I had been looking for in regard to receiving radio signals, but the article offered much more than that:

“Researchers found that bone was an LED that required an outside source of light before an electric current would make it release its own light, and the light it emitted was at an infrared frequency invisible to us, but consistent.” (You can read the full article here.)

Did you catch that? In plain English he said human “bone was an LED.” LED as in “light-emitting diode.” (A flashlight!)

But there was even more, and what he said next stunned me:

“With the use of an applied current of a few microamperes regeneration of the spinal cord, optic nerve and bone has been demonstrated and naturally generated electric currents have been linked to changes in developing embryos and in regenerating limbs.”


“It has been considered by this author that tRNA molecules may play a central roll to cause cells to alter their normal properties which will then receive the original genetic transmission, given  through a ‘spin point’ to a cell. These transmissions at the spin points, as discussed through research at The Academy For Future Science, may provide regenerating instruction for the manufacture of enzymes and proteins which are the building blocks for the ‘new tissue’ or the ‘new organ form’ which is regenerated on the physical plane.” (emphasis mine)

Aura photographed around the author

That’s right, we ARE flashlights—literally and figuratively—that conduct our own energy to power and project light, light that heals, restores, and can physically change our being. This light is designed to work better when it comes in contact with other sources of light. Therefore, know when we come together we are “amping” our faith, but we are also revving up our electrical capabilities and the power to do so. An old gnostic verse states, “one is a thousand, two ten thousand…” (Maybe they were talking about kilowatts…

So the next time you find lightbulbs blowing out, computers acting oddly, or the vacuum taking on a life of its own, know that you are an electrical being, you are, as Katie Perry sings, a Firework. You are not demonstrating bad luck, you are demonstrating the power within you. The power to create change, create miracles, and create what you need in your life. So keep shining your light. Keep harnessing that power.


Rev. Jamie L. Saloff is a certified metaphysician, speaker, intuitive, coach, and author of Transformational Healing, who guides spiritually-minded folk in shifting their business and their lifestyles. She is also a self-publishing specialist guiding authors in taking their books to print more profitably. You can learn more about Jamie’s work at

Image Credits: Krilin thumb print, Wikimedia Commons, Plínio Ganzer Moreira; Aura photo, the author’s collection; Andrew Jackson Davis’ drawing of receiving illuminated transmissions from heaven, from Beyond the Valley: The Sequel to the Magic Staff, ©1885, Colby & Rich Publishers, Boston (public domain).


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