Appreciate the Nurses in your life

Appreciate the Nurses in your life

This is national nurse week. So go out and appreciate the nurses in your life.

Having a sister who has over 30 years experience in the nurse field and still LOVES her job, I came to appreciate nurses even more. She took my calls each time when I needed advice on what to do with my children. She’s driven through snowstorms, thunderstorms to do her job at the hospital, knowing that the current nurses on the job needed relief.

I also want to thank the nurses that personally had to deal with me. I do not like needles and faint rather easily. Thanks for listening to me and helping me through these events.

Nurses deserve our appreciation
They work under a lot of stress
On this there is no speculation
They are the best of the best

The Doctor’s get all of the respect
While the Nurses work on the line
Nurses do what we’ve come to expect
They’re really one of a kind

They nurse our aches and pains
Administer treatment and medication
And then the nurse patiently explains
Alternatives and expectations

Thank a Nurse whenever you can
You will need a Nurse one day
I am the Nurses biggest fan
And that’s all I have to say

More information on how nurses week came into being.



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