About Us

Quintessence Creations was inspired by one of the founders, Nancy Rose. Nancy  has spent many years collecting inspirational items for her home. She loves angels,  inspirational art, essential oil candles. They evoke feelings and emotions in Nancy. She becomes peaceful, centered, joyful. She feels protected and loved. She feels energized to reach her dreams.
Nancy has spent over 15 years taking her freedom back. She has helped others through spiritual classes, healing energy work, and even performed weddings, as she is a spiritual minister. Her own work in achieving her freedom inspired her to create programs for others to achieve the same freedom.
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Behind the scenes            

About Nancy Rose

Here’s what my family and friends know about me

  • I’m into sustainability, permaculture, and organic. My yard has been organic for over 10 years. I compost anything that has no toxins. I love growing vegetables, flowers, trees. I love experimenting with propagation.
  • My favorite vacation MUST include a spa, which will be frequented daily or a 5 hour marathon on one day. The vacation typically includes fantastic outdoor scenery. Some of my best vacations were at all inclusive resorts.
  • I love Dr. Pepper. I know it’s not healthy, yet I need to have an outlet for my rebellious side, after all I am a Gemini with at least two personalities.
  • I’ve lived in the midwest all my life. My parents are immigrants, so I do have European tendencies
  • I love to learn new things. I make sure I learn something new each year
  • I love to read. Spiritual Books, JD Robb & Nora Roberts (need some fun time), and absorb many books and internet subjects when learning something new
  • I try to spend as much time as I can with my grandchildren, since there will come a time when they need to explore their own life more. That time is coming soon
  • I’m a certified energy worker, so I need my quiet time to connect with earth, Divine and myself. I need to disconnect from the world at times. Other times I enjoy life.
  • I’m an avid believer n giving people tools that help them in their path. I believe that there are times we need others to help us through certain phases, and then we integrate and become masters.


Official Bio

(Which basically means someone else is going to brag about me, so I don’t have to.)

Nancy Rose has been described as “determined” and “straightforward” by those that know her well. Her determination along with the ability to scale challenges provides her an approach to inspire others to fulfill their dreams and find freedom.  

“Helping others loosen the binds that tie them – so they can reach their freedom and their dreams, is my primary focus.” – Nancy Schilli

For over 15 years she has studied various metaphysical and holistic methods. She has an associate degree in metaphysics, which includes the study of the application of universal laws. She is a certified energy healer, as well as a spiritual minister.  All these studies and experiences have allowed her to develop a proven process for changing your life.

Nancy has over 30 years IT experience. Areas include IT asset management, project management, application development.  She has a Masters in Business Administration, and an Associate in Accounting. She has helped other business entrepreneurs in various facets of their business. Her personal experiences allow her to relate to business owners on a deeper level – because she knows what going through their minds. 

From organic gardening to sustainable living, Nancy furthers her studies. She is known as a lifetime student. Her enthusiasm drives her to learn and experience as much as she can, from gobbling up as much reading on the subject, to implementation of the ideas.